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Nominations Needed for New RCRL Awards Recognizing: Sportsmanship, Hospitality, Directors and Captains!


In the spirit of RCRL’s mission of socially competitive tennis, we are pleased to announce these additional awards for the current season:

Sportsmanship: these two players or teams displayed fairness, kindness and grace

  • Gracious in Victory Award
  • Gracious in Defeat Award

Hospitality: It is all about the food!

  • Best Main Dish Award
  • Best Dessert Award
  • Best Décor Award

Dedicated Director Award (nominations from captains only): This director kept you informed and was responsive to your concerns or questions.

Corralling Captain Award (nominated by teams): This captain kept the team organized for matches, practices, lunch duty and events, conferred with the clubs and coaches, soothed egos and much, much more!

Nominations are due by May 1 and nomination forms are available at

Be on the lookout for players and teams that make a special effort to be good sports or provide a wonderful lunch!
And take note of the work that our Division Directors and Team Captains do to keep our league running smoothly!

Nominations will be reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors and Officers.

Winning efforts of all types deserve our recognition!

Go To Awards Nomination Form Here ➧