Thank you to all who participated and attended the 2023 Spring Social & Awards Event at Churchill Downs on May 18, 2023. Over 300 of our members enjoyed the festivities on a perfect Kentucky evening.

Congratulations to the 2022-23 Season Winners

A1 First Place: Dishman / Spears (Hooker)
Runner-up: Mitchell / Lyons

A2 First Place: Goselin / Barnes
Runner-up: Reeder / Marcus

A3 First Place: Rechter / Stack
Runner-up: Schaller / Northup (Orange Crush)

B1 First Place: Frederick / Miller (Slice Girls)
Runner-up: Draper / Laventis

B2 First Place: Wilhelm / Faulkner (Perfectly Matched)
Runner-up: Aragona / Agurto (Making Racquet)

B3 First Place: Clegg / Jordan (Sets in the City)
Runner-up: Reardon / Deal (Slice Girls)

C1 First Place: Fossier / Bryant  Runner-up: England / Shiels

Masters 1 First Place: Walker
Runner-up: Gray / Maguire

Mid Masters First Place: Andrews / Corso
Runner-up: Keeling / Brice (Balls Out)

Masters 2 First Place: Lorenz / Mandlehr
Runner-up: Thornton / Laventis (Hot Flashers)


New players coming into the River City Racquet League are required to have a computer rating from USTA (not a self rating) or to be rated by one of the following pros:

Michael O’Shea at Springhurst 502-412-2950
Ylia Jelali at Blairwood 502-294-0983
Kevin Brandalik at Blairwood/LTC 502-426-8820
Steve Rueff at LIRC 502-426-2454

Players should contact one of the pros from this list to set up a rating and bring a copy of the ratings form found on the forms tab with them to the rating. Upon completion of the rating, email a copy of the complete form to your captain and



2023-2024 RCRL Board Meeting Schedule
(5pm at LTC, Herr Lane):

08/07; 09/11; 10/09; 11/13; 12/11*
*December location TBA

02/12; 03/11; 04/08; 05/13; 06/10**; 07/08
**June meeting starts at 4:00pm