When you find out it’s necessary to forfeit a court, the earlier you notify your opponent the better. The night before is really the best, but sometimes things come up.

If the forfeit is known about in advance, call the other team’s captain and let her know that you will be forfeiting Court 4. If you have to forfeit two, then the next court to forfeit is Court 3.

The forfeiting captain is responsible to notify the club of court cancellations. Call the club where you are playing no later than 7 PM the night before the scheduled match to avoid court fees. The forfeiting team is responsible for any court costs resulting from failure to cancel by 7PM.

A forfeited court goes on the score sheet as a 6-0, 6-0 win for the non-forfeiting team. They get all the games and all the points that court is worth.

If you don’t have advance notice of a forfeit (and things do come up), the forfeiting team is responsible for paying for the court time for both teams UNLESS THE PLAYERS AGREE TO PLAY for fun or otherwise.

No captain should ever have to ASK a team to forfeit. If your team is the offending team (i.e. someone is late, the strength roster is violated, etc.), then it is your responsibility to GRACIOUSLY & PROMPTLY offer a forfeit to your opponent. She is entitled to it, and players or captains should NEVER EXPECT an opponent to overlook a rules violation. The rules are written to prevent a captain from being put into an awkward situation. So if your team breaks a rule, step up and take your medicine. Your reputation is worth far more than a few points.

Having said that, if a captain offers to overlook an extenuating circumstance (like a player being delayed in a large traffic incident), then neither captain can use that violation as grounds for a grievance.


2023-2024 RCRL Board Meeting Schedule
(5pm at LTC, Herr Lane):

08/07; 09/11; 10/09; 11/13; 12/11*
*December location TBA

02/12; 03/11; 04/08; 05/13; 06/10**; 07/08
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