The River City Racquet League Grievance Committee will consider grievance requests each month at the regular meeting. Before filing a grievance, a player should thoroughly review RCRL Rules, VIII. Grievances before talking with her team captain, who should discuss the situation with the division director. Every effort should be made to resolve disputes or protests without resorting to filing of a grievance.

If filing a grievance cannot be avoided, fill this form out and email it, within 48 hours of the conclusion of match play, to the League President and the Division Director. The League President will forward to the responding team. The responding team will have 48 hours from the receipt of the grievance to give her response in writing to the League President, the Division Director and the other team(s) involved.

Grievances or responses filed after the deadlines will not be considered.

The Grievance Committee will make any additional investigation it deems necessary and may request additional information from the parties or witnesses. The Committee may consult with the Division Director and League President. The Grievance Committee will render its decision, including a decision on any penalty, in a timely manner. The decision will be submitted promptly to the parties to the grievance, to the Division Director, and to the Board.

Name of person submitting form: _______________________________________________

Contact information for person submitting this form:

Phone: _______________________ Email address: _________________________________

Date of incident: ____________________ Date of submission: _________________________

Players/Teams directly involved:

Which rule has been allegedly broken?

What remedy is being sought?

Attach your narrative of what happened. Be specific. Include names of any others who witnessed the occurrence and might have additional information helpful the board, particularly if the complaint involves sportsmanship.


2023-2024 RCRL Board Meeting Schedule
(5pm at LTC, Herr Lane):

08/07; 09/11; 10/09; 11/13; 12/11*
*December location TBA

02/12; 03/11; 04/08; 05/13; 06/10**; 07/08
**June meeting starts at 4:00pm