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RCRL Complete Rules

You may download a complete copy of the rules here:

RCRL League Rules 2020-2021


RCRL Bylaws 2019
Captains should have a complete copy of the rules with them at each match and should be familiar with those rules.


Rules archive:
RCRL League Rules 2019-20
RCRL League Rules 2018-19
RCRL League Rules 2017-18
RCRL League Rules 16-17 (Final)
League Rules 15-16 (final, redlined)
League Rules 14-15 (final, redlined)
RCRL 2014 Bylaws


RCRL Meeting Dates for 2019-20
All meetings 5:00 @ LTC unless noted, league members are welcome to attend
  • All meetings 5:00 @ LTC (confirm due to COV19)
  • May 11
  • June 22 (third Monday @ 4:00, Officers and Directors only due to social distancing restrictions)
  • July 20